P46- VSC-Based HVDC Power Transmission Systems: An Overview–2009-شبیه سازی آماده مقاله

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46- VSC-Based HVDC Power Transmission Systems: An Overview–2009

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Abstract—The ever increasing progress of high-voltage highpower fully controlled semiconductor technology continues to have a significant impact on the development of advanced power electronic apparatus used to support optimized operations and efficient management of electrical grids, which, in many cases, are fully or partially deregulated networks. Developments advance both the HVdc power transmission and the flexible ac transmission system technologies. In this paper, an overview of the recent advances in the area of voltage-source converter (VSC) HVdc technology is provided. Selected key multilevel converter topologies are presented. Control and modeling methods are discussed. A list of VSC-based HVdc installations worldwide is included. It is confirmed that the continuous development of power electronics presents costeffective opportunities for the utilities to exploit, and HVdc remains a key technology. In particular, VSC-HVdc can address not only conventional network issues such as bulk power transmission,asynchronous network interconnections, back-to-back ac system linking, and voltage/stability support to mention a few, but also niche markets such as the integration of large-scale renewable energy sources with the grid and most recently large onshore/offshore wind farms.
Index Terms—HVdc circuit breakers (CBs), HVdc converters, HVdc transmission, power electronics, power engineering education, power systems.

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