P44- High-Quality Power Generation Through Distributed Control of a Power Park Microgrid–2006-شبیه سازی آماده مقاله

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44- High-Quality Power Generation Through Distributed Control of a Power Park Microgrid–2006

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Inverters are a necessary interface for several forms of distributed generation (DG) and where they form a microgrid they have the potential to offer high power quality. The challenge is to coordinate the actions of a group of inverters so that they offer the level of power quality known to be possible from fast local control of a single inverter. The case examined here is a power park of several inverter-based DG in relatively close proximity. A basic requirement is that the inverters regulate the grid voltage and share the real and reactive power demands according to their ratings. In small girds with high proportions of nonlinear and unbalanced loads it is also important to actively control the waveform quality in terms of harmonics, transient disturbances, and balance. Further, it is important that these duties are shared equallybetween the units rather than having one master unit taking the lead in the voltage control function. A constraint faced in designing a sharing system is the limited bandwidth of signal communication even over distances of a few meters. A control method is proposed that separates the control tasks in the frequency domain. Power sharing and voltage regulation are controlled centrally and commands are distributed through a low-bandwidth communication link. Waveform quality functions are controlled in high bandwidth controllers distributed to each local inverter. Experimental tests ona grid of three 10-kVA inverters are used to show that the method fully exploits the inherent fast response of the inverters while also ensuring voltage balance even with extreme load imbalance. It is shown that circulating currents are avoided during steady state and transients.

Index Terms—Distributed generation (DG), inverter, microgrid, power quality.

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