P54- Mppt and Simulation for a Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System and Fault Analysis-2012-شبیه سازی آماده مقاله

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شبیه سازی آماده مقاله

54- Mppt and Simulation for a Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System and Fault Analysis–2012

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This paper establishes a dynamic model of grid-connected PV system by Matlab/Simulink with d-and q-axis as coordinates which is synchronously rotating with the grid voltage to reflect the characteristics of the system accurately. Based on the accurate modeling system, maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and fault analysis are studied. Grid-connected PV system includes a PV array, a control system, a distribution network and a load. The control system of grid-connected PV system has two effective control strategies. First one is the current control strategy can regulate the current at the point of common coupling to achieve power factor control and regulate the dc link voltage. Second one is the voltage control strategy is used for PV output voltage to achieve closed-loop control which can smoothly and quickly track the maximum power point of PV array. Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) can effectively improve the solar energy conversion efficiency of PV systems. In this paper, Perturb-and-observe (P&O) method is used to achieve this function. Finally fault analysis is carried by creating a LLLG fault in the distribution network and observes the ac voltage, ac current and ac power waveforms at the grid with and without a LLLG fault.

Keywords – grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) system, maximum power point tracking, voltage source inverter,
and LLLG fault etc…

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