40- A Five-Phase Two-Machine Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive Supplied from a Single Inverter–2004-شبیه سازی آماده مقاله

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40- A Five-Phase Two-Machine Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive Supplied from a Single Inverter–2004

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Two-motor drive systems, which require independent control of the two machines, are nowadays traditionally realised by
using two three-phase voltage source inverters supplying independently two machines, paralleled to the common DC-link
(Fig. 1). However, application of power electronics in electric drives enables utilisation of AC-machines with a phase
number higher than three. If the number of phases is increased to five, an entirely different solution for the realisation of
a two-motor drive system becomes feasible. It is shown in the paper that an increase of the stator phase number to five
enables completely independent vector control of two five-phase machines that are supplied from a single current-controlled voltage source inverter. In order to achieve such an independent control it is necessary to connect five-phase stator windings of the two machines in series and perform an appropriate phase sequence transposition (Fig. 2). The
concept is equally applicable to any five-phase AC machine type and its major advantage, compared with an equivalent
two-motor three-phase drive, is the saving of one inverter leg. Instead of six inverter legs, only five are required. Detailed
verification of the novel five-phase two-motor drive configuration is provided by simulating the operation in the torque
and speed mode, using indirect rotor flux oriented control principles. The concept can be extended to higher number of
phases in a simple manner. Its main advantages and drawbacks are addressed as well.

Two-Machine Vector Controlled

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