P35- FLC-Based DTC Scheme to Improve the Dynamic Performance of an IM Drive–2012-شبیه سازی آماده برق

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35- FLC-Based DTC Scheme to Improve the Dynamic Performance of an IM Drive–2012

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Abstract—This paper presents a fuzzy logic hysteresis comparator-based direct torque control (DTC) scheme of an induction motor (IM) under varying dynamic conditions. The fuzzy logic controller (FLC) is used to adjust the bandwidth of the torque hysteresis controller in order to reduce the torque and flux ripples and, hence, to improve motor dynamic response. The effects of torque hysteresis bandwidth on the amplitude of torque ripples of an IM are also discussed in this paper. Based on the slopes of motor-estimated torque and stator current, an FLC is designed to select the optimum bandwidth of the torque hysteresis controller. This paper also proposes a simpler algorithm than the conventional trigonometric function-based algorithm to evaluate the sector number (required for DTC scheme) of the stator flux-linkage space vector. The proposed algorithm reduces the computational burden on the microprocessor. In order to test the performance of the proposed FLC-based DTC scheme for IM drive, a complete simulation model is developed using MATLAB/Simulink. The proposed FLC-based DTC scheme is also implemented in real time using DSP board DS1104 for a prototype 1/3 hp motor. The performance of the proposed drive is tested in both simulation and experiment. 

Index Terms—Direct torque control (DTC), field-oriented control (FOC), fuzzy logic controller (FLC), induction motor (IM),torque and flux hysteresis controllers, torque ripples.

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