P256-Coordinated V-f and P-Q Control of Solar Photovoltaic Generators With MPPT and Battery Storage in Microgrids2014-شبیه سازی آماده مقاله

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شبیه سازی آماده مقاله

256-Coordinated V-f and P-Q Control of Solar Photovoltaic Generators With MPPT and Battery Storage in Microgrids—–2014

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Abstract—The microgrid concept allows small distributed energy resources (DERs) to act in a coordinated manner to provide a necessary amount of active power and ancillary service when required. This paper proposes an approach of coordinated and integrated control of solar PV generators with the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control and battery storage control to provide voltage and frequency (V-f) support to an islanded microgrid. Also, active and nonactive/reactive power (P-Q) control with solar PV, MPPT and battery storage is proposed for the grid connected mode. The control strategies show effective coordination between inverter V-f (or P-Q) control, MPPT control, and energy storage charging and discharging control. The paper also shows an effective coordination among participating microresources while considering the case of changing irradiance and battery state of charge (SOC) constraint. The simulation studies are carried out with the IEEE 13-bus feeder test system in grid connected and islanded microgrid modes. The results clearly verify the effectiveness of proposed control methods. The simulations are carried out in Matlab
and Simpowersystems. 

Index Terms—Active and reactive power control, distributed energy resource (DER), distributed generation (DG), maximum
power point tracking (MPPT), voltage and frequency control, solar photovoltaic (PV).

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